Bringing decision makers & community together

Our approach to community and stakeholder engagement is underpinned by our knowledge and understanding of human behavior. We assist you to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders, creating room for meaningful conversation.

You’re an expert in your field, yet your work is not understood

You’ve spent your career working to improve the community; to make it more resilient, better connected, and reflect the people that live and work in the area.

You want to be trusted by your community,  have the community involved in decisions that affect them, and projects that will make a difference to their lives, now and for the future.

Find out how the Conversation Caravan can support your conversations in your local area. 

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Our difference

We understand human behaviour
We use the IAP2 Framework to plan all community and stakeholder engagement programs as well as models derived from studies into human behaviour and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This combined approach helps to better predict and respond to patterns of behaviour and ultimately increase participation in your project.

We focus on upskilling staff
We mentor staff through processes to improve their understanding of social engagement & build positive relationships with their stakeholders.

We build trust from both sides
We create dialogue between decision makers & their communities to create favourable experiences on both sides.

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We will put together a team of professionals to match your project needs.


Community and Stakeholder Engagement

We create and deliver engagement programs that encourage dialogue between decision makers and their communities. We use a range of traditional and innovative engagement activities and strategies to reach community members and stakeholders and invite them to be part of the conversation.

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Social Planning and Development

With community research at its core, social planning is the process of understanding demographic changes and future need. We can help you better understand and respond to the communities’ aspirations and challenges.

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Placemaking and Activation

We work with the community to make changes so they see their identity a reflected in the project, creating both a sense of belonging and connection to the place. Placemaking consulting can be discreet or the focus of a shared project with facilities to encourage dialogue and networking of users.

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We provide training in community engagement for individuals to learn how to design, deliver, and evaluate their engagement projects. We offer public short courses and in-house training and can tailor a package to suit your needs.

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Talk to us about your next project

We will put together a project team that matches the needs of your project. We believe a there is a place for community engagement and placemaking in any project. The caravan travels across Victoria and Tasmania creating community cohesion.