Bringing the conversation to the community

We understand human behaviour, we focus on upskilling staff and building trust between stakeholders.

We will put together a project team that matches the needs of your project. We believe there is a place for community engagement and placemaking works in any project.

A full project methodology will be prepared during the quotation process including a project plan detailing the sequencing of your project and timeline for its delivery. 

Community and stakeholder engagement

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We create and deliver engagement programs that encourage dialogue between decision makers and their communities. We translate technical information in a way that allows people to clearly see their input in the project. Projects are framed with a solid understanding of what is and isn’t negotiable within the community influence framework.

We use a range of traditional and innovative engagement activities to reach out to community members a and invite them to be part of the conversation. Our techniques vary from facilitated workshops, street-based pop-ups, place-based community events and online engagement.


  • Design, delivery and evaluation of an engagement program suited to the needs of your project. Strategic advice on your engagement program to ensure your program is meeting your desired project objectives.
  • Strategic advice on your internal engagement processes, we can work with engagement managers to create systems and train staff in the use of these systems.
  • Planning and facilitation of a one off community meeting or workshop to deliver on your desired project objectives.

Social planning and development

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With community research at its core, social planning is the process of understanding demographic changes and future need. We can assist you with clearly understanding and responding to the communities’ aspirations and challenges.

Conversation Caravan works collaboratively with stakeholders and the community to develop neighbourhoods and places where people feel connected, safe and have access to the services and facilities they need.


  • Community planning
  • Social research and analysis
  • Social impact assessment

Placemaking and activation

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We take a placemaking approach to enhance and improve new and existing public places to create places that are well loved and enjoyed by their communities.

We work with the community to make changes so they see their identity reflected in the project, creating both a sense of belonging and connection to the place.

Placemaking interventions can be discreet – a toy box in the corner to signify children are welcome; newspapers on the table to invite people to stay and linger a while longer. Or they can be the focus of a shared project with facilities to encourage dialogue and networking of users.


  • Placemaking Strategy for new spaces or places
  • Placemaking activation Strategy for existing spaces or places
  • Strategic advice on a new build or proposed development


Book your in house training today

We provide training in community engagement for individuals to learn how to design, deliver, and evaluate their community engagement projects. Training is perfect for those individuals with expertise in other fields (such as engineering, planning and sustainability, or any range of technical industry).

We offer public courses and in-house training and can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Below are two popular training course

  1. Simplifying Community Engagement – 2 Days

For those with expertise in other fields who need training to learn how to design, deliver and evaluate their community engagement projects. Hands on training with practical templates and strategies for you to apply and use immediately.

Public Courses Available or Book In-house Training

  1. Decoding your stakeholders – 2 Days

Learn to predict the behaviour of your stakeholders through expressed thoughts and feelings to reveal attitudes, values, and beliefs about their world. Use this understanding to better communicate complex information simply, diffuse conflict, and create genuine dialogue.

Public Courses Available or Book In-house Training