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Bringing the conversation to the community

We understand human behaviour, we focus on upskilling staff and building trust between stakeholders.

We will put together a project team that matches the needs of your project. We believe there is a place for community engagement and placemaking works in any project.

A full project methodology will be prepared during the quotation process including a project plan detailing the sequencing of your project and timeline for its delivery. 

Engagement Planning

We are experienced in all parts of the engagement process and can help you to plan your engagement program.

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  • Design an engagement plan or review yours, to make sure you have considered the negotiables and participation preferences of your audience.
  • Help with site selection for your engagement activities, looking at the flow of foot traffic to create location sheets for your team.
  • Design the activities for your engagement program, making sure the data collected from these in person activities connects into your wider program.
  • Brief staff and prepare information packs (activity sheet, location sheet).
  • Design the engagement materials, posters, postcards and signage for your activity.

Engagement Activation

We can help you on the ground to deliver your engagement activity. This really is where we can do more or less, depending on your capacity.

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  • Copy writing for use across your communication channels (social media, media releases, emails) and project materials.
  • Taking photos and video footage when out in the community and promoting this as we arrive at sites to generate interest.
  • Design of custom props to match your project and brand.
  • Full use of our props (alongside our staff).
  • Full staffing, or support staff to work alongside your team.

Engagement Analysis

It can be surprising how much data is collected from in person activities. With the opportunity to speak with project teams, we find that this creates more ideas and feedback. We analyse both qualitative and quantitative data to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to inform decision makers or gain a better understanding of the project or topic.

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  • Designing a data framework at the start of your project to assist with the collation and analysis of data.
  • Cleaning and coding data across the engagement activities we help you to deliver, or other engagement activities you or someone else have delivered.
  • Analysing and reporting data to extract meaningful insights relevant to the project needs and audience.
  • Preparation of infographics to present insights of your program.